The Jaguar Stones - Book Three


A hurricane is brewing in the jungles of the Maya, and the ancient Maya Death Lords are on the warpath. Across the world in Venice, Italy, Max Murphy thinks he’s safe from their clutches. But when a rogue octopus pulls him off his gondola and tries to drag him down to the underworld, Max realizes that the Death Lords have not finished with him yet.


Soon Max is back in Central America and reunited with the only ones who can help him in his battle—Lola, the mysterious Maya girl, and the howler monkeys Lord 6-Dog and Lady Coco.  Once again it’s up to the four of them to save the world as they fight off mutant cave spiders, zombie warriors, and, of course, the twelve villainous Death Lords. With the hurricane about to hit land, Max and Lola embark on a one-way journey to danger down the blighted Monkey River. They take shelter in a subterranean hotel, only to stumble upon Death Lord central. Torn between rescuing themselves and rescuing one of the last wild jaguars of the Monkey River region, Max and Lola find themselves drawn into an ever more bizarre series of tests, culminating in a terrifying ballgame that they can never win.


The River of No Return is filled with the same outrageous humor, heart-stopping action, and fascinating details of Maya culture that fans of the Jaguar Stones series have come to love.  Readers will be intrigued as secrets are revealed about their favorite characters while Max and Lola try to stop the world from ending . . . at least for now.

“An action packed sequel ... which will not disappoint fans of the previous books. Especially intriguing are the secrets held by Max and Lola and the artful way those secrets are slowly revealed. The authors weave together the Maya culture and history in way that will spark the interest of young readers without boring them. The allure of the jungles of Central awaits in an Indiana Jones type adventure. Recommended.”

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The River of no Return


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