Middleworld for Maya Studies

The Jaguar Stones Series:

A world of Maya themed adventure for students,

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“An action-packed adventure novel filled with suspense and excitement with a good level of depth for upper KS2.”

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"Into this thrilling, and sometimes spine-chilling, adventure story is woven a huge amount of detail about the Maya and life in the rainforest. The authors, one of whom grew up in Central America, have drawn on the latest research to present possibly the most accurate picture of the Maya world in children’s literature.  They have consulted experts at the Boston Peabody Museum, and they have personally climbed ancient pyramids, canoed underground rivers, and tracked howler monkeys in the jungles of Belize."

Jennifer Stark, Community Relations

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"Thank you for bringing the magic of the Maya to our students.  We've had nothing but positive feedback.  I'm sure you've planted the seeds of adventure and curiosity in many young minds, and we are grateful for that."

Sue Weston, Librarian, Stafford Schools, VA

Chapter summaries with callouts to Maya topics referenced.

Glossary of Maya words

and concepts.

When a city boy from Boston gets lost in the perilous rainforest, a local Maya girl comes to his rescue. Together, these teens from different worlds take off on a series of fast, thrilling, and laugh-out-loud funny adventures that explore Maya history, culture, mythology - and what it means to belong.

-  High-level language use made accessible through a highly engaging and fast-paced story.

-  Explores interactions between different cultures, such as ancient/modern Maya, North/Central America,  

Maya/conquistadors, Maya/Aztecs, city/rainforest dwellers.

-  Wide-ranging, story-embedded references to rainforest ecosystems.

-  Contains rich visuals: illustrations and maps throughout the text and in extensive glossaries.



Explores the Spanish Conquest

Extensive range of downloadable Maya resources.

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For classes studying the Maya, the Jaguar Stones series - especially the first book, Middleworld - makes the perfect class text.  The books combine meticulous archaeological research with a hilarious and suspenseful storyline. They’re backed with an extensive free range of teacher resources and lesson plans to bring the Maya world alive.

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Maya topics and project ideas.