Virtual School Visits

Enter the mysterious world of The Jaguar Stones books, where ancient temples come alive and danger lurks around every corner. It’s a place filled with history, mythology and the wonders of nature, where every day is a battle for survival.

With J&P Voelkel as your guides, you’ll experience some of the sights, sounds and tastes of the Central American rainforest. You’ll also meet the guardians of this forest - the Maya, past and present - and find out why so much about them remains unknown.

You’ll also go behind the scenes of the Jaguar Stones, as the Voelkels share some of their experiences in researching, writing and illustrating the series.  

This 30-minute pre-recorded visit captures the fact-packed fun of the Voelkels’ in-person school visits and is FREE to schools using the Jaguar Stones books as a class text.

There are two ways to arrange your virtual visit:

1) Free with book purchase

Buy ten or more Jaguar Stones books for classroom use and email your receipt to info@jaguarstones.com to receive a private Youtube link. (If you've already purchased your books, just email a picture of them in your classroom!) The link, which is personalized for your school, is valid for two months and can watched multiple times on multiple devices. For help locating book stockists, please email info@jaguarstones.com

2) Rent a standalone visit

To enjoy the virtual visit without purchasing books, you can rent a private Youtube link for $60 in USA, £50 in UK. The link, which is personalized for your school, is valid for two months and can watched multiple times on multiple devices.

Maya history animation

An author's tale

Hero Twins animation

Target practice

Rainforest animals

The modern Maya

Top Ten Maya Facts

Maya archaeology

Meet the real Indiana Joneses

Survival Tips

Meet J&P Voelkel

Scenes from the visit

Now your class can enjoy a virtual author visit anytime!

with J&P Voelkel

What schools have said about the virtual visit:  

It's fantastic! It's fun and interactive and something I know the children would really enjoy. There's a great sense of adventure and mystery with it, thank you for sharing it with me!

N.H. Cumbria

It was great fun to watch and fascinating. You have certainly captured my imagination about the Maya civilization and I am sure the children will love the video too, especially the story of the Hero twins; the animals of the rainforest, particularly the howler monkeys and you bravely eating various insects!

N.B. Yorkshire

Fast facts

•  30-minute run time.

•  Personalized to school.

•  For USA grades 4-8, or UK KS2.

•  Link is valid for two months, extension by request.

•  Printable quiz to accompany video.

Be sure to include your name and email address, plus your school’s name and address.

To receive a FREE visit, please attach a photo of your receipt for 10 or more Jaguar Stones books, or a photo of your books in the classroom.

To rent a standalone school visit (without purchasing books), please state your preferred means of payment. You’ll receive a Paypal request for $60.00 (USA) or £50.00 (UK).

To request your private Youtube link, email info@jaguarstones.com or click here.