Meet the REAL Indiana Joneses!

Skulls & Scorpions

James Stemp - Archaeologist

From Fast Cars to Ancient Kings

Gerardo Aldana - Historian of Science

The Chamber of Snakes

Stanley Guenter - Archaeologist & Epigrapher

Helicopter Down

George Stuart - Archaeologist

We sometimes wear pith helmets for school visits, but we’re writers not archaeologists. However we occasionally get to rub shoulders with the real deal. So we’ve cornered some of the leading Maya experts and asked them the most popular questions we get from our readers.

The Maya Ballgame

Ramzy Barrois - Archaeologist

Reading Between the Lines

Marc Zender -  Archaeologist & Epigrapher

Playing in the Sandbox

Jaime Awe -  Archaeologist

Hats Off to Tintin

Harri Kettunen - Mayanist

Jaguar Encounter

Meaghan Peuramaki-Brown - Archaeologist

Underwater Adventure

Heather McKillop - Archaeologist

Belize Field School

Christy Pritchard - Archaeologist

Bat Attack!

Mark Van Stone - Professor of Art History

The Tale of the Crystal Maiden

Amanda Harvey -  Archaeologist

Living with the Maya

Bruce Love -  Archaeologist

Myth Busters

Armando Anaya - Archaeologist

Monkey Trouble

David Lee - Archaeologist

Monkey Trouble

Gyles Iannone - Archaeologist

Who were the Maya?

Norman Hammond - Archaeologist

The Maya in the 21st Century

Ashley Kistler - Anthropologist

How to become an Archaeologist

in Four Easy Steps

Gabriel Vail - Archaeologist

Mexican Memories

Jim Pritchard -  Archaeologist